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My Story

It all started when I was in my thirties and I developed dry sensitive skin. My skin felt tight, itchy, irritated and flaky. Despite eating healthy and drinking lots of water, I could feel my skin needed more.

I invested in a lot of promising products in all price ranges, that provided limited, or no results at all. I wanted to hide my dry patches and redness with makeup; however, that made them stand out even more, making me feel self-conscious and embarrassed.

On my desperate quest to find a solution for my dry skin, I went to my local drugstore to try a popular brand moisturizer that I saw in a TV commercial. Being hopeful and trusting of their claim, I decided to try it. I remembered the overpowering fragrance, that should have been my first warning sign! What a big mistake! I end up with a burning rash all over my face. I had to go see my doctor the next day! It was such a wakeup call. This is when I did a deep-dive into the actual ingredients of conventional skin-care products, and I was horrified by my findings.

Talking to my mother about this awful experience, she immediately went to her room and handed me her bottle of 100% pure Argan oil that she brought from our home country Algeria, in Northern Africa. She lovingly advised me go back to our roots and to only apply a few drops twice a day of this liquid gold, as our ancestors had done for centuries.

After using just a few drops that night, I was amazed at how my skin soaked it all in and how quickly the tightness was relieved. I consistently used it every day and night, and after one week, my skin was transformed -it felt hydrated, supple and smooth. After three weeks, the remaining dry patches disappeared, my skin looked dewy, refreshed and rejuvenated.

I remember being showered by compliments and asked what my secret to such healthy-looking skin was (hence the brand name Biosecrets). I then realized how many people were just like me. People struggling to find a healthy and clean skin-care product that isn’t riddled with harmful chemicals and that actually works giving visible and lasting results.

That is why, in 2012, I decided to launch Biosecrets, a health-conscious, eco-friendly company, whose mission is to bring this powerful gift of nature called argan oil to anyone looking for optimal health, radiance and peace of mind.

With gratitude,

Sihem Benali