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For the health-conscious individuals looking to effectively and safely replenish long lasting moisture and softness to their skin and hair.

Biosecrets provides premium quality, ethically sourced, 100% organic Argan Oil. Our fast-absorbing Argan oil infuses powerful nutrients that improve the appearance of your skin and hair in a matter of weeks, using just a few drops a day.

You too can easily achieve a healthy radiant glow, like thousands of satisfied customers since 2012.


Rejuvenate your face with our 100% pure Argan oil. This lightweight and fast absorbing oil deeply moisturizes and comforts your skin.

Extremely rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids, it locks in moisture and regenerate skin to combat signs of aging, dryness and dullness.

After just a few applications, skin feels softer, nourished, and plumper with an overall healthy glow. The oil does not clog pores and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

argan oil for the face
argan oil on hair

Argan Oil For Hair

Our ultra-nourishing and protective 100% pure Argan oil has exceptional repairing and moisturizing qualities.

It deeply conditions, controls frizz, repairs, and protects from heat and color damage. It also addresses split ends, supports healthy hair growth, and controls itchy, flaky scalps. It promotes stronger hair and leaves your hair soft and shiny without weighing it down.

Ideal for all hair types and very gentle for daily use.

Argan Oil For The Body

Our fast-absorbing, 100% pure Argan oil instantly hydrates and provides your skin with exceptional nourishment and a soothing feeling.

It helps relieve and alleviate dry, cracked, itchy skin and razor burn.

Ideal for daily use, just a few drops replenish your skin with long-lasting hydration, leaving it smooth as silk and healthy-looking all day long. Very gentle for daily use.


The sale of Biosecrets 100% Argan oil provides many women with jobs, fair-salaries, safe working conditions, as well as education and literacy programs.

This opportunity encourages a sense of empowerment amongst Moroccan women who are accustomed to living in a traditionally male-dominated society.

Biosecrets Argan oil manufacturing not only gives back to the environment but also opens a door of hope to disadvantaged women seeking education and equal opportunities.