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7 ways to use argan oil from head to toe

How to get the best of your argan oil

What's Aragn Oil?

Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of Argan fruit, which grows only
in small areas of Morocco. The overall production process is extremely
time-consuming, requiring approximately 110 pounds of Argan fruit and 20 hours of work to produce half a liter of this precious oil.

Moisturizer and Anti-aging treatment

After cleansing your face, gently dispense one pump worth of oil into
your palm. Then, apply in a circular motion on your face, neck and
décolletage. Wait few minutes until completely absorbed before applying foundation, makeup or sunscreen. Use day and night for best results.

Hair Styling

Taming Frizzy Hair: Because it tames frizz and adds shine, argan oil is a fabulous choice for a hair styling aid. It makes hair more manageable and provides an attractive, glossy shine. Before blow drying hair, place a few drops of argan oil on your hands and massage through your hair and scalp

Better Curl Definition: Argan oil enhances curly hair creating
well-defined, natural looking and bouncing curls that last.
(by) Apply a few drops of oil on damp hair using your hands.
Next, comb or brush to distribute evenly. Let it dry.

Hair treatment

Before your shower or bath, apply several pumps on the scalp and
massage gently using your fingertips. Next, using your hands spread it through your hair making sure it’s covered from root to tip. Comb or brush to distribute evenly.

To enhance absorption, cover your hair with a shower cap and leave for a minimum of 1 to 2 hours. For maximum results, leave overnight.

Wash thoroughly with your favourite shampoo and conditioner
when ready.

Start with one treatment per week, when results have been
achieved, space your treatments to every two weeks for

Beard and mustache Oil

Argan oil is great for mustaches and beards because it
enhances facial hair’s natural oils, thereby increasing shine
and reducing breakages.

Simply put argan oil on your hands, rub into your beard/mustache, and distribute with a brush. Because there
will be no greasy build-up, use argan oil as often as needed.


Argan oil hydrates nail beds, cuticles, and the surrounding skin, which promotes healthy nail growth.
As a result, nails are less likely to break and peel, resulting in longer, healthier nails. Argan oil can also soften dry hands and hard skin on the feet.

Soak fingertips in a small amount of argan and then massage the surrounding area.


Essential oils must be diluted before use on skin, which is
done via the use of a carrier oil. Argan oil is an ideal carrier oil because it contains Vitamin E and fatty acids. With a subtle nutty aroma, argan oil helps you safely use your favorite essential oils, nourishes and protects your skin.

Body Moisturizer

Whole-Body Moisturizer: Argan Oil can be used as an all-natural
whole-body moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized and
supple. Apply one pump of oil on dry areas such as; hands, arms,
elbows, and legs.

Razor Burn Treatment (After Shave): Use Argan oil to soothe
skin after shaving for both women and men. Gently pump the equivalent 2 to 3 drops of oil into your hands to warm and lightly massage into your skin.

Sun-burn Soother: Argan oil can provide instant relief and cool down your sunburn due to its anti-inflammatory properties and quick absorption into your skin. Apply as needed twice a day, once in the evening, and once before bed.