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"I have been using Biosecrets Argan Oil daily for three months now. I use it instead of the night repair serum for antiageing that I used to purchase from Lancôme. I love that there is no perfumed smell and that my skin, visibly looks different. I also use it at the top of my chest where years of sun tanning (and burning) turned my skin pink and red. It's amazing how my skin appears more uniform and not as red. So I added it to my daily menu. Further, it does wonders for my elbows and knees which dry up in the winter. I use a daily body moisturer but it doesn't smoothen the elbows and knees like the Argan Oil. Since then, many of my colleagues at work have purchased your product. A few use it in their hair, others for skin problems. All are happy.
So thank you Sihem for introducing me to Argan Oil. I am a believer and will continue to use it for years to come. Finally, the product is so well priced. I used to pay a lot more for the Lancôme and for results that never materialized. Please keep informed of any new products you may contemplate for the future.
Sincere regards"

Nicole Bourget
Assistant Deputy Minister
Sport, Major Events, Regions
Department of Canadian Heritage
Gatineau, QC


"I am more than grateful to have finally found an Argan oil that does not only boast quality but delivers it too! I have had eczema on my hands for over four years and recently witnessed it disappear within a few weeks of use and my damaged hair is quickly finding its forgotten softness and shine. It is not easy to find an Argan oil that is not diluted or processed and I am eternally grateful to Biosecrets for offering a product that is pure, whole and that I can trust!"
Stephanie willison


"Biosecret’s 100% Pure Argan Oil is definitely a great product. I have long curly hair that can often be difficult to manage and this oil leaves my hair feeling soft, looking shinier and keeps the frizzing to a minimum. It’s also an excellent skin moisturizer during those cold winter months.  An absolute great value for the quantity! "

Justin Trudeau

"Only two weeks of using Biosecret's argan oil for my skin and hair, I noticed my skin felt softer, and their was a natural balance in my skin. In the harsh Canadian winters, I need a beauty product that protects my skin and hair, and this (product) does just that. 
Biosecret's argan oil fits my budget while being naturally conscious. I save more than $120 per year by using this product, as it replaces the need to purchase multiple products - which is great on my wallet! Additionally, I have sensitive skin, and I like that the argon oil is natural, and free from chemicals that may cause irritation.
I recommend anyone looking for a natural skin and hair product to check out Biosecret's argan oil. I am very happy with this product, and will buy again"

Melissa Adey

"I have been using Argan Oil for four years now on my skin. I have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin. I do not look my age at all. I also use Argan Oil for my hair. I have thick, curly hair and it is hard to manage. The Argan Oil keeps the frizzy hair down – especially during the summer months. I would highly recommend you using Biosecrets Argan Oil. Think of it this way: “It’s your one bottle for multiple uses.”

Dora Dalietos


"Argan Oil is a great product indeed! I highly recommend it. I have some Noxzema on my hands and thins. I started to apply the Argon Oil to the spot on a regular basis and after a few weeks my skin was clear of Noxzema. No more itches, clear and soft skin, great product!..."

by Mario R.


"I wanted to let you know how much I like your Argan oil!Ido have argan oil from Earth to Body but it doesn't compare.
Your oil penetrates very well, it's light and my skin feels wonderful. I'm in my late fifties so I have mature skin
which is also dry..I also have some sun damage from my youth, so I feel your oil has helped a lot.
My husband is also using it on his dry patches on his face , I would like to buy another bottle for me and one for my husband"


Lorraine Harper


"Having struggled with a number of skin conditions over the years it is such a relief to discover ARGAN oil- This pure, light oil rejuvenates my skin like no other skin care product- I feel fortunate to have discovered Biosecrets- Moroccan oil Argan and the ancient history of this amazing, natural oil”

Stephanie Douma


"Just can't stop loving this oil .I started using it a month ago and I can't believe, my face look clear no acne any more , that replace all the products I used before and on top i saved my money Thank you very Much !"

Mina Adrar

"Biosecrets is the best beauty product I have every purchased! This Argan oil made my hair much healthier and my face looks so healthy and not dried out like it used to be. It also helped the black under my eyes, it’s all gone now! I love this product and that is the only thing I will be using for my face from now on! I definitely recommend this to anyone willing to try a healthier skin beauty product!"

Cynthia Castro


"I started using BioSecrets' Argan Oil about 2 months ago, and I can confidently say I am already noticing a significant difference in the texture of my hair. Compared to other similar types of product, this one does not leave an oily residue on your hands, is extremely light in nature, and the slightest amount goes a long way. I would highly recommend BioSecrets Argan Oil for anyone who is seeking softer, healthier hair and/or skin. The price point is excellent and I love the fact that it's all natural and haven’t been mixed with preservatives"


"A few months ago I purchased Bio Secrets Pure Organic Argan Oil as I was looking for a solution for my 3 year old sons dry and eczema prone skin. Ever since he was a little baby this has been an issue that I haven`t been able to find a good solution for, till now. The oil absorbs beautifully and really nourishes his skin. His skin is much better and I will continue to use this product. Sihem is an engaging, compassionate woman who sells a great product. No added ingredients, simply the pure organic Argan oil. The fact that it supports the Berber women in Morocco, to me is an added reason to purchase her product."




"I have been using the oil on my hands and face for about a month now. The difference is remarkable! Crow’s feet are visibly disappearing and moisture to skin is amazing. Working in a kitchen in an old age residence washing hands and rubber gloves take a toll on hands but this oil brings back the moisture. Several co-workers have tried it also and they love it too! "
Thérèse B


"Well who would believe at 87 years old I would be using Argan oil… it is great! I am using it as an aftershave and it works wonders"



"With aging obviously dryness prevails. At 62 years old elasticity in skin is an issue. I use the oil on my hands and to moisturize legs to relieve the dryness brought about especially during the winter months. Great product!"
Suzanne Savoie


"I am 17 years old and I now use the Argan oil to moisturize. Amazing… it also helps with my complexion problems including acne. I love the results!"




"I use oil on my hands as I have eczema and the oil works wonders. I also use on cuticles and amazing results! "

Jeannine B


"I use the oil for everything! It makes my hair smooth, silky and shiny. I have recently started using it on my stretch marks, my face, my nails...this product is the best investment a girl can make!"

Veronique Piquette
"J'aime  BioSecrets, j'ai vu une amélioration de ma peau, j'utilise soir & matin.J'adore, c'est un bon traitement pour les cheveux.Je vous le recommande Argan Oil!"


Chantale Arcand
Université d'Ottawa
Département de géographie