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My Story

It all began when I was in my thirties and experienced the frustration of developing dry, sensitive skin. My complexion felt tight, itchy, irritated, and flaky, despite my best efforts to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In my pursuit of a solution, I invested in numerous skincare products, spanning all price ranges, only to find that most of them offered limited or no relief. Desperate to conceal the dry patches and redness, I turned to makeup, but it seemed to accentuate my skin issues, leaving me feeling self-conscious and embarrassed.

My quest for relief led me to a popular brand moisturizer advertised on TV, which I purchased at my local drugstore with hope and trust. However, what followed was a nightmare—a burning rash that covered my face. I had to seek medical attention the next day. It was a harsh wake-up call, prompting me to delve into the ingredients of conventional skincare products. The revelations were shocking.

During a conversation with my mother about this traumatic experience, she handed me a bottle of 100% pure Argan oil she had brought from our home country, Algeria, in Northern Africa. She urged me to reconnect with our roots and apply a few drops of this liquid gold, just as our ancestors had done for centuries.

That night, after using a few drops, I was astonished by how my skin absorbed the oil and how quickly it eased the tightness. I continued the regimen, applying it day and night, and within a week, my skin underwent a remarkable transformation—hydration, suppleness, and smoothness returned. After three weeks, the remaining dry patches vanished, leaving my skin looking dewy, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

Compliments rained down on me, and people were eager to learn my secret to healthy-looking skin, hence the birth of the brand name Biosecrets. I soon realized that many individuals shared my struggle—people in search of a clean, healthy skincare product free from harmful chemicals that could deliver visible and lasting results.

In 2012, driven by this passion and purpose, I founded Biosecrets—a health-conscious, eco-friendly company with a mission to make the transformative power of Argan oil accessible to all seeking optimal health, radiance, and peace of mind.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Sihem Benali