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Empowering women

At Biosecrets, we are proud to empower women and their children in the Berber community of Morocco.

Berbers are considered the first nations of North Africa, many of whom live in the Argan region. To this day, the majority of Berber women cannot read or write.

The sale of Argan oil provides many women with jobs, fair-salaries, safe working conditions, as well as education and literacy programs. Most importantly, Argan oil sales provide women in these cooperatives the opportunity to join the Moroccan workforce.

This opportunity evokes a great sense of empowerment considering Moroccan women are accustomed to living in a traditionally male-dominated society where men are the sole income providers. In addition to supporting the emancipation of rural Berber women, the cooperatives are also committed to sustainable cultivation practices and various reforestation initiatives. Overall, Argan oil manufacturing not only gives back to the environment but also open a door of hope to disadvantaged women seeking education and equal opportunities.