Our Story, Our Passion

My name is Sihem Benali, I grew up in North Africa surrounded by healthy and radiant women who were always smiling and self-confident. As a little girl, I remember watching my mother apply pure Argan oil on her glowing skin and shiny long hair. She always reminded me that one day I would pass on this ancestral beauty secret to my daughter and granddaughter.

Despite my love for the region, I had no choice but to leave because of the hardships of a civil war. So in 2003, I made my way to Canada, which I now call home.

Upon my arrival, I had to adapt my beauty routine and was open to try mainstream hair and skin products, which at the time I was unfamiliar with. To my great disappointment, many triggered skin reactions. After researching the ingredients found in these cosmetics, such as parabens and sulfates, I became very aware and concerned about what I was putting on my body.

While I tried many healthier and more natural alternatives, none were as effective as using pure, organic Argan oil. After a few weeks of using only Argan oil on my face, skin, and hair, my healthy glow and confidence returned.

In 2012, I started Biosecrets so that I could share my love for this powerful gift of nature with those looking for optimal health, beauty, and radiance.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of Argan oil that makes you look great and feel wonderful!